Wishing you had the resources and knowledge to improve the vibrancy in your community?

Is there a sea of potential and opportunities that feel slightly out of reach?

Say hello to ACCA’s Unleashing Local Capital program!

This innovative local financing program was developed with considerable input from Albertan communities, leading to the creation of Opportunity Development Co-operatives (ODC’s) that pool money within the community to finance local business development.



Opportunity Development Co-operatives


An Opportunity Development Co-operative is a for-profit co-op, made up of local community members who identify or are approached by local entrepreneurs with an idea or business investment opportunity.

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Why Invest Locally?


Albertans invest $4 billion into RRSPs, which is then typically used to finance large corporations or create jobs and wealth outside their community and country.
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Learning Resources


The Program has 6 modules to help guide you through the set up of an ODC so you can revive your community and keep more money and jobs local.

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Get Started & FAQ’s


Along the way we’ve had some super questions from people who have set up ODC’s here in Alberta. Check out the answers →