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We possess 20 years of co-operative experience.
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Co-op Incorporation

So you want to start a co-op? Excellent!

Juggling governance structure, bylaw creation, incorporation documents, and community research is no mean feat! Let us guide you through the process with bespoke support, training and access to co-operative lawyers to get you started on the right foot.

First things first, set up a co-op readiness call with our Manager of Co-op Services, Seth Leon where we can discuss your co-op idea. In approximately 30 minutes we will provide feedback, answer your questions, outline a development pathway and provide insight on next steps.



Co-ops In The Classroom

Want your students to learn about the business structure that invented corporate social responsibility, busted up monopolies, and keeps wealth in communities?

Our instructors are available to offer a range of courses and case studies explaining the co-operative business structure. We have experience working in undergraduate and graduate classes, and deliver annual education to school-aged children through our Co-operative Youth Leadership Program.

If you want to get more hands on, our members include some of the largest co-ops in Canada, whose executives are eager to connect with students to advance real-world problems.



Co-op Development

These workshops are typically delivered to new and existing co-ops, economic development officers, municipalities and chambers of commerce - but are suitable for any group! We’ll help you put in place a co-op development strategy and improve the core competencies of key stakeholders to achieve your stated aim.



Employee Co-op Workshops

Employees who understand the co-operative advantage are better equipped to deliver the best to your members, contribute to building a strong co-op, and be more engaged in the workplace.

Our workshops provide new and existing employees with a clear understanding of the co-operative business structure, and explain how co-operatives make an impact in their community, and how they connect to broader trends related to local, sustainable, and vibrant economies.

Our workshops can be tailored to meet existing professional development goals, and can easily fit within busy co-op schedules.



Unleashing Local Capital (ULC)

An in-person 3-hour workshop to create an Opportunity Development Co-operative. This explains the role of local investing, local economic development goals, core co-op competencies, and strategies for community engagement. Our Unleashing Local Capital expert will tailor the workshop to meet the needs of the group and community.