Co-operative Youth Leadership Program

“An inspiring 7-day summer camp that helps you find your place in the world”

Every summer since 1957, the ACCA youth program descends on Nordegg in July to transform the lives of 200 kids & teenagers aged 11-18. By building confidence, Developing skills and instilling co-operative values, it’s a whole lotta fun and one of the best summer camps in Alberta!


Skill Development

This is more than another ‘summer camp’ with all the friendship, fresh air and that exciting (or nerve-wracking) big camp feel. We have a track record of meaningful skill development and our staff go above and beyond to create an inclusive environment so youth of all backgrounds and comfort zones can excel. Through our updated program curriculum we aim to equip youth with:

- Lessons on building and maintaining strong self esteem

- Better understanding of personal goals and values

- Greater empathy and understanding of others

- Challenges that expand personal comfort zones

- Tools for better communication & stronger public speaking

- Leadership skills and confidence

- Team building and problem solving skills

- An understanding of basic democratic principles, practices & working cooperatively

- Opportunities to shine in front of their peers

- Information and circumstances that lead to starting up, running and distributing the profits of a co-operative business


Program Info

Pre-Teen (June 29 - July 5 2019)

Designed for 11-12 year olds to explore comfort zones and develop the necessary skills and confidence to participate effectively among peers, particularly in group settings.

Teen (July 5 - 11 & July 17 - 23 2019)

Aims to increase confidence and skills in 13-14 year olds so they are effective among teams. Teens also get to explore more about their values and what they can offer as they head into important educational years.

Youth (July 11 - 17 2019)

This program is about 15-16 year olds actively taking on leadership roles, understanding their opportunity to be a community role model and being equipped to do these things successfully.

Grad (June 29 - July 5 2019)

This program is where the above skills are put into action and where 17-18 year olds develop positive attitudes and learn to express knowledge and become a leader in the workforce or local community. Participants in this program must have completed one of the above programs or an equivalent leadership program.


Our Volunteer Staff

Each program is staffed by a fully trained group of adults. Our staff are passionate volunteers made up of qualified employees of co-operatives, credit unions, other youth and agricultural organizations as well as program alumni. In addition to their own qualifications and skills, all volunteer staff must complete a screening process including a criminal record check, attain First Aid and CPR certification, and complete a minimum 48 hour on-site staff training before they are approved to staff at the program.

We strive to find the most enthusiastic individuals to staff at our programs, and we are so lucky that they don’t mind putting in long hours to make the week an incredible experience.

The program is renowned for the commitment, enthusiasm and expertise of our volunteers! If you want to volunteer with the program, visit our volunteer page or get in touch with our Youth Program Coordinator, Liane by emailing her at


Co-operative Youth Leadership Program

2019 SUMMER Highlights


The ACCA Co-operative Youth Leadership Program had an INCREDIBLE summer!!! 220+ youth, 40 volunteer staff, lots of laughs, fun, warm fuzzies, memories & life-long friends!! Stay in touch with the program on Facebook at ‘ACCA Co-operative Youth Program’ and on Instagram & Snapchat @warmfuzziesrock <3

2019 Program participants will be emailed when their program newspaper & digital video are ready!! :)