Participant Testimonials


Participants on Staff:

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“Everyone was amazing and so funny, and always smiling and laughing. Warm Fuzzies! You guys are amazing. Thank you for coming and leading great sessions" - 2017 Participant

“You guys were very enthusiastic, accepting and patient with us, even though we were loud. Warm Fuzzies ~ You guys ROCK!” - 2018 Participant

“The Staff & Counselors are amazing! You are all awesome! You made me feel so welcomed, appreciated and loved and were all so welcoming and sweet.” - 2016 Participant

Participants to Sponsors:


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“My favorite part of camp was getting to meet everyone here. All these people have made an impact on my life. This camp has also made my leadership skills improve. I know better ways to listen to everyone and include everyone.” - E. Prehn

Parents on Program:


More Parent Testimonials:

“From a single parent’s perspective this year has been quite a financially tight year and the support from a sponsor TRULY makes a huge difference. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed last year’s program and was in fact, moved to tears when I picked her up from the bus last year, saying how touched she was by meeting so many wonderful, like-minded people.”

“Our son had many stories to tell about the activities that he did while at the program and the friendships he made during the week. He truly enjoyed his time there. Thank you to the program volunteers and staff for the quality activities, and time that they put into planning and orchestrating such a wonderful program. He made some great memories!”