“That bunch of raving co-op fans”

Pfft. We’re much much more than that.

Think Education.

We fight to keep community alive and train the youth of tomorrow.

Think Development.

We support members and municipalities to develop sustainable communities.

Think Promotion.

OK, you got us! We shout from the rooftops about the co-operative advantage.


Alberta Co-operative and Community Association (ACCA) is a leading provincial co-operative trade association. A not-for-profit since 2005, we roll with the movers, shakers, dreamers and even the makers. Co-ops & Credit Unions? They're our jam. CEOs? Yep. Entrepreneurs? For sure. Elected Officials? Definitely. Economic Developers? Of course. Students? Damn straight.

Collectively, we hustle for a strong co-op sector across Alberta.

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Taking Care of Co-op Business since 2005

From the towering rocky mountains to the lush prairies, the roots, they run deep. Co-ops have been around in Alberta since before the province was established in 1895, when farmers created co-operatives to buy and sell their grain. So how does ACCA fit into this illustrious co-operative environment?

We started up as an informal Alberta Cooperative Council, and officially incorporated as a co-operative in 2005 after merging with the Rural Education Development Association (REDA, a not-for profit organization).

Since 2005, we have consulted on opportunities leading to collaborative social and economic development in Albertan communities and have helped strengthen and diversify existing co-operative enterprises. From delivering innovative programs such as Unleashing Local Capital, lobbying the government for co-op friendly policies, or running the largest co-operative youth leadership program in Canada for over 60 years, we are one of the largest provincial associations in Canada.

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