What is a co-operative?

A business owned and run by its members; who use and benefit from its goods or services.

‘Co-ops’ are founded on the idea that people can work together to achieve a better future for their community.

On the face of it, co-ops look like any other independent local business. However, draw back the curtain and their power in numbers gives co-ops size and scale.

Did you know, 2 in 3 Albertans are a member of a co-op or credit union? By joining a co-op, you contribute to improving access and affordability to services such as housing, power, credit and farm supplies.

When you choose to use a co-op:

  • Money stays local

  • More jobs are created

  • You invest in your community

Structured differently to profit-driven traditional businesses; there are different types of co-ops found in every industry across the province.


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