ACCA Membership


the future is co-operative.

(and that future is YOU!)

At ACCA, we care about your members as much as you do. By supporting some of Alberta’s best co-ops including, UFA, Calgary Co-op and the Credit Unions of Alberta we continue our quest to build a co-operative Alberta.


Membership Benefits


☑ Access To Expertise

  • Access to 20+ years expertise in community and co-operative development.

☑ We’ve got your back

  • You focus on your local communities; we bring you to the provincial and national ones.

☑ Learn from the best

  • We connect the dots, open the doors and encourage co-op collaboration.

☑ Exclusive events

  • Membership unlocks the golden key to events such as our MLA Reception.

☑ Amplify Your Impact

  • We’ll place you at the center of our youth education initiatives & on our website. You’re so busy doing good, you forget to scream to the world how good you are. That’s where we come in.

You also get all the following goodness:

  • One ACCA-curated media article on your co-op each year

  • Eligibility to join our board of directors & committees

  • Shape our focus as a provincial co-operative association

  • Make us part of your own community investment strategy

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Member Shares, Categories and Dues

To join the ACCA as a member, simply complete the member application form at the top of this page. As per the Alberta Co-operative Act, ownership of at least one membership share ($50) is a prerequisite for membership in a co-operative in Alberta.

  • Apex Organizations

    • $2,500 [10 employees or less]

  • REAs & Gas Co-ops

    • $1,500 min. (or $0.185 p/member)

  • Credit Unions

    • $0.185 p/member

  • Retail/Consumer Co-ops

    • $0.185 p/member

  • Agriculture/Producer Co-ops

    • $1,500

  • Human Services

    • $500

  • Investment Co-ops (ODC’s)

    • $500

  • Non Co-op Businesses

    • $2,500


Application Process

  1. Submit your online application

  2. Application goes before ACCA’s Board for Approval

  3. Upon approval you will be invoiced for your first year’s dues and one member share ($50).

  4. Membership confirmed upon payment.

How Your Membership Helps

Membership dues help us help you develop, and contribute towards the delivery of our programs, services and co-operative education. If you’re just starting out on your co-operative journey, make sure to indicate you’d be interested in paying by installments - we understand that a years commitment can be challenging in these circumstances!

Membership is split into 8 categories below - if you are unsure where you stand give us a call! After purchasing your one-off $50 share to join our co-operative, our annual membership dues are fairly based on the size of your co-operative.