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Program Background

+ Who Organizes the program?

The largest co-operative youth leadership program in Canada is organized by our dedicated full-time ACCA Youth Program Co-ordinator Liane Courchesne. The first experience Liane ever had with the program was when she attended one of the week-long summer sessions as a shy, introverted 13-year-old. As a teenager she continued through every stage of the program before becoming a junior counsellor, then core counsellor, then volunteer. She joined the ACCA in 2004 and has been running the program since, being a permanent fixture at the mountain retreat all summer long. “Being a part of the program helped me step outside of my shell and be able to voice my opinions and my concerns and start feeling more confident in my strengths and abilities, it helped me out so much that I wanted to be able to do the same thing for youth.” she says.

+ Why go to the ACCA Co-operative Youth Leadership Program?

The program is a truly unique summer experience. We have several activities you may expect from a regular summer camp, such as a campfire, field games, movie night and swimming. But we also offer facilitated workshops, focused on themes such as communication, leadership, team building, self-esteem, co-operatives and values, just to name a few.

Participants have fun and make new friends at the program, they grow as people. We focus on teaching life skills. We strive to bring out and strengthen the unique leader in each youth, and have each one of them recognize their own individuality and be proud of it. All the material we teach can be used in everyday life, whether it is in a workplace, volunteer scenario, or relationships. Participants leave with new sense of confidence, belonging and community.

+ Where is the ACCA Co-operative Youth Leadership Program located?

Our program is held at the beautiful Goldeye Centre located in the Rocky Mountains, 10km west of Nordegg, AB (approximately 1 hour west of Rocky Mountain House, AB)

+ How many youth attend one program?

Each seven day program has approximately 35-55 youth attend, along with a diverse volunteer staff team. The Grad program is a bit smaller with anywhere from 20-35 youth participants.

+ How old are youth participants?

Our program is for every type of youth ages 11-18. We have four different program levels: Grad: 17-18 years old by the end of June & have completed a previous year’s program or an equivalent leadership program. Youth: 15-16 years old by by the end of June. Teen: 13-14 years old by by the end of June. Pre-Teen: 11-12 years old by the end of June.

+ Is this an accredited program?

The ACCA Co-operative Youth Leadership Program is accredited through the Alberta Camping Association (ACA) and has been a proud member for over 12 years! Along with the ACA standards, ACCA has additional policies and procedures that are followed in order to provide a wonderful and safe program for youth.

Info for Parents & Youth

+ How are the volunteer staff selected and what kind of training do they have?

Most of our volunteer staff are that are alumni of the program, employees of co-operatives, credit unions, school teachers etc. that have a passion for the program and inspiring youth. Volunteer staff are required to submit a new application every summer and go through an in-depth screening process which includes a criminal record check and 48 hours of on-site training. All volunteer staff must also be First Aid/CPR Certified and bring their own professional backgrounds and personal leadership styles to the program. The Youth Program Coordinator or an ACCA appointed representative is on-site 24/7 during the program. They are the designated Primary First Aider and oversee all volunteer staff, participants, medical concerns and any other issues that may arise.

+ How do I get prepared for the program?

Once you’ve registered, please take the time to review the ‘Confirmation Email’ package which will be available in late May/early June. All the information you will require such as packing lists, health forms, bus schedules etc will be in this email. Once packages have been sent to parents and participants, we’ll also post the link on our website.

+ Dietary restrictions – Can these be accommodated?

Goldeye Centre has their own on-site kitchen staff that provide flavorful, healthy meals with a wide range of choices. They can accommodate special dietary requests. These requests must be written on the health form that is in the Participant Confirmation Package which is emailed in late May/early June.

+ Can youth bring their own food?

Participants cannot bring their own food for their program week, we promise we’ll feed them! Youth are encouraged to bring snacks for the trip to and from the program as the drive can be quite long. These snacks will be handed in on the first night, and will be returned to the participants at the end of the week.

+ What are the rules about bringing medication?

All prescribed and over the counter medication must be handed in to the designated First Aid Attendant. The First Aid Attendant will work with the participants to guarantee that their medication routine is consistent with the prescribed guidelines as written on the Participant Health Form or as needed. All prescribed medication must come to the program in the original container, or bubble packed.

+ Are cell phones allowed to be used while at the program?

All participants are required to hand in their cell phones or any other electronic device that can connect to the internet on the first day of the program. Cell phones and other devices will be securely stored by the ACCA staff and will be returned on the last day of the program. This is to help participants and staff be 100% present in all activities during the week and to help build a tight knit, safe community.

+ What are the sleeping accommodations?

Participants sleep in bunk style cabins which accommodate 19 youth + 1 staff supervisor. Cabins are divided according to gender and participants will need to bring their own bedding. A reminder on bedding and other packing items will be sent out with the Participant Confirmation Packages.

+ What should youth bring to the program?

Each program week has their own specific ‘Things-to Bring’ list as there are sometimes different themes from week to week. A specific list for each program can be found in the Participant Confirmation Package which will be emailed out at the end of May/early June.

+ What are participants NOT allowed to bring to the program?

We want youth to have a FANTASTIC time while at our program! Please refer the Participant Standards of Behavior which will be in the Participant Confirmation package, available at the end of May/early June.

+ Can I contact my child while they are at the program? Can they call home?

There will be a set time in which participants will be able to call home during the week if they would like. Any other calls or messages required due to a special occasion or circumstance can occur, but must be arranged with the Youth Program Coordinator. If there is an emergency, or any other dire situation, the youth program cell phone is on 24/7 and all guardians will be provided with it.

+ Can I come visit my child at the program?

Our program is jam packed with fun, inspiring activities throughout the week to help build a tight knit, trusting community. We highly encourage the youth to be a part of the program 100%, however if you really wish to request a visit, we require notification prior to arrival of the short visit.

Financial Info

+ How much does it cost to go to the ACCA Co-operative Youth Leadership Program?

There are three different fees to attend the program:

1 - Registration Fee $708.75 (GST incl)– This is a mandatory fee that is most often paid by a sponsor or multiple sponsors. For more information on how to find a sponsor and a list of previous sponsors click here.

2 - Participant Fee $236.25 (GST incl)– This is a mandatory fee that is often paid by the participant. Some sponsors will pay for this fee however it is up to their discretion.

3 - Bus Fee $100.00 (GST incl) – This is an optional fee for transport to the program. We offer buses for PreTeen, Grad, Teen A and Youth levels departing from Calgary, Edmonton and the Northwest (Valleyview). These stop at several locations on their journey to the Goldeye Centre which can be found in the registration brochure. A specific schedule will be provided in the confirmation package sent out at the end of May/early June so we can plan stops effectively based on participant locations.

Collectively, fees total $1,045 (or $149.00 per day of camp!)

+ What do the registration fees cover?

The fees cover everything throughout the camp. From accomodation, 3 meals, selective refreshments, curriculum resources and transport (if you chose the bus options). There's no need to bring any cash, but some coins for extra snacks from the centre might come in useful!

+ Is there funding or sponsorships available?

Yes!! Sponsorship is available to participants who require additional support. You can find more information about sponsorships and funding by going here.

+ Our buisness would like to help or sponsor the program, how?

You're the best. Any financial support - however big or small goes a long way to helping us provide the best experience during the program. Email Liane Courchesne to find out about different sponsorship packages.

+ Our buisness would like to sponsor a youth to attend the program, how?

That's awesome. If you have someone in mind, first have a discussion to agree the amount of sponsorship (or which fees you are willing to sponsor). The sponsored participant then submits a registration to ACCA and we take it from there!

If you haven't got someone in mind, start by using our poster and brochure found on the sponsor pages to drum up some interest.

+ How do I get a receipt for my payment?

If you require a receipt, please contact the ACCA office to have one sent. The office can be reached by calling 780-991-4620 or e-mailing

+ What is the refund policy?

Non-attendance does not constitute notice of withdrawal. Request for a full refund will be considered only if ACCA is notified at least two weeks before the commencement of the specified program. Less than two weeks notice, refunds may not be granted, however a withdrawing participant may send a substitute and must notify the ACCA office at least one week in advance of the scheduled program date. Refunds requested with notice of two weeks or more will be subject to a $236.25 fee withheld to cover administrative costs.

In the result of a participant not completing their program because they did not adhere the programs rules and conditions, they will be required to repay the sponsor’s portion.

Have we answered your question? If not, we’re here to help!  Please don’t hesitate to contact Liane, ACCA’s Youth Program Coordinator at 780-991-4620 or via email on