Government Relations

Helping co-operatives understand government, and government understand co-operatives is a staple of ACCA’s strategy.

ACCA’s “2023 Co-operative Platform” (right) calls for the Alberta Government to take action on 3 key areas that can strengthen Alberta’s Co-operative and Credit Union sectors and help improve the lives of all Albertans.

1. Level The Playing Field

2. Co-operative Principles for School Grades 6-9

3. The Co-op Model for Economic Development

Learn more about these asks by downloading our platform.

Member Toolkit

Our members serve over half of the Albertan population. To help them effectively collaborate with Government, we have compiled key information in the dropdown menu’s below.

+ Legislative Assembly Info & Parties in Power

Following the election in April, 2019, The Legislative Assembly in Alberta is currently comprised of 87 seats:

+ Ministerial Contact Directory

^Leader of The House
^^Deputy Leader of the House

+ MLA Contact Information

+ Helpful Resources